Alter Ego recently teamed up with Holiday Films director Ed McCulloch to create an epic depiction of the struggle on and off the battlefield for returning US war veterans. Utilizing the entire Alter Ego VFX team, McCulloch was able to enhance many aspects of the battle scenes. Senior VFX artist Andres Kirejew lead a team who tracked and retimed explosions as well as created 3D elements to heighten the sense of realism in the trenches. Colourist Wade Odlum put the finishing touch to the spot by creating a filmic look in keeping with the heavy subject matter.

Check out the finished spot and VFX breakdown.

VFX EP - Cheyenne Bloomfield
VFX SUPERVISOR - Andres Kirejew
3D - Eileen Peng
COLOURIST - Wade Odlum, Clinton Hormouth
VFX ASSIST - Michelle Demelo, Eric Perella
Andres Kirejew | Visual Effects Artist
Toronto, Canada