After graduating from the acclaimed Media Arts Program at Sheridan College in Oakville Ontario, I started my career as one of the worlds youngest Quantel Artists. First training on a Newsbox at Sheridan, and then moving onto the Henry, I began running a Flame at Axyz in 1999. My 10+ year history as a Lead Flame Artist and Senior Compositor at Axyz had brought me in contact with top commercial directors and editors as well as high profile clients and agencies the world over.

In 2011, partnering up with iamstatic, we started Township and Co, a multi-disciplinary design, animation and vfx company. As Township's Visual Effects Supervisor, I was responsible for solving the creative and technical aspects of a project, from pre-production and production all the way through to final compositing and finishing.

In 2013 I joined Alter Ego as VFX Supervisor, with the aim to build up a VFX department to compliment their award winning colour studio. We started with a small dedicated crew that tripled in size. We created some amazing and ambitious work, while establishing some new workflows. My responsibilities included leading VFX projects from initial conception though to completion. Managing and directing the technical, artistic and production personnel. I worked closely with the Executive Producers with bidding to accurately predict timing and associated costs of a projects.

In October of 2018, we opened the Artjail office in Toronto. Artjail is an award winning creative VFX boutique residing in CHINATOWN NYC and THE LOWER JUNCTION in Toronto. Artjail specializes in high-end VFX, 3D, Design, Colour Grading and Finishing. Artjail works on a variety of different projects including advertising, social, film, episodic, art, and music videos.

Artjail is about close collaboration with directors and creatives, helping to solve complex creative challenges.

Quality over quantity.
Culture over corporation.

Andres Kirejew | Visual Effects Artist
Toronto, Canada