Our friends at Quizitive asked us to help create a world that would tell the story about the exacting standards of purity of each ingredient that goes into every bottle of Jamieson Vitamins. A mix of CG, Stock and Matte paintings, Township crafted a number of beautiful scenes as a backdrop for the narrative.


Directed by: Township & Company
Creative Director: Ron Gervais
Animation Director: Dave Greene
VFX Supervisor/Flame: Andres Kirejew

Production Co: Axyz
Producer: Karen Huybers
Assistants: Davey Birrell

Agency: Quizative
Exectuive Creavite Director: Adam Oliveira
Creative Director: Andrew Bradley
Copy Writer: Trish Kavanagh
Producer: Clare Cashman
Account Director: Mélanie Hatton
Audio Production: Vapor Music

Andres Kirejew | Visual Effects Artist
Toronto, Canada