This was a whirlwind of a project for the king of beers. We literally built this one from the ice up. Teaming up with Posterboy, Axyz and Anomaly we applied all we have learnt over the years to craft a little movie magic. A fun script, snappy cut and tickets for life sounded good to us.

Township & Company
Executive Producer: Amanda Lariviere
Online / VFX: Andres Kirejew
Creative Director: Ron Gervais
Animation Director: Dave Greene
VFX Supervisor: Andres Kirejew
Production coordinator: Sherry Kennedy
Design / Animation: Ron Gervais
CG / Modeling: Dave Greene
Compositors: Brodie McNeill, Ron Dubuc, Daryl Shaughnessy, James Andrews

Agency: Anomaly Toronto
Agency Producer: Leanne McLellan
Art Director: Peter Gomes
Writer: Neil Blewett

Editorial: Posterboy
Editor: Mark Paiva
Audio: The Eggplant Collective
Production Company: Steam Films
Director: Hauke Hilberg



Andres Kirejew | Visual Effects Artist
Toronto, Canada